Q & A with Maree Lacy, Founding Director

1. What was the main reason behind founding Accountancy Connect in 2010?

Many years ago, my best friend Megan McCartney and I spent many hours in preparation for a marathon.  School based friends and confidantes, we were ready to take the leap and used the running time to workshop what we both wanted from forming our own business.

Megan had strong business services and taxation experience and with my knowledge of the recruitment world and prior experience working in accounting teams across commercial and a chartered practice, we were a formidable duo.

We knew that the recruitment industry had somewhat shifted to the “big guns” of recruitment; the large, global based recruitment companies here in Melbourne.

Perhaps unfairly but with some truth, these large recruitment organisations were labelled with the stigma of “too big, lacking personal service”.

Megan and I founded Accountancy Connect as we were extremely committed to providing an honest, transparent and personal recruitment service.

We wanted to foster that “boutique specialist” recognition.

I really do believe we achieved that together.

2. What is the most rewarding thing about working in recruitment?

The most rewarding aspect of working in the recruitment industry is introducing and strengthening partnerships between our clients and candidates.

There is a tremendous feeling of joy when you see appreciation from either party due to the work carried out by Accountancy Connect.

Maintaining and further developing long term relationships is also very rewarding.  Loyalty is so difficult to achieve in this industry as it is highly competitive but I am very pleased to say that many of my clients and candidate relationships span over 20 years.  Business partnering is a term somewhat clichéd however when partnering with the right people, it really is rewarding.

3. What do love to fill your spare time with?

Travel is my passion and I have been fortunate to travel to many destinations around the world.  Like so many of us, I cannot wait to travel again post CoVid.

I love the outdoors, so my spare time is usually spent enjoying a long walk, a little run, hiking, cycling (a fair weathered and “no hills” cyclist) and a lot of golf.

I enjoy catching up with friends and appreciate good food and wine.

More recently, I have started a podcast called the Bayside Bubble. That’s been fun and involved a lot of learning along the way.

I am curious by nature, so a love of learning and discovery is a massive interest of mine.

I also really enjoy photography so just started a course and taking plenty of snaps – some good but overall, my photography requires a lot of work and improvement.

My SEEK advertisement photos are mine if you would like a peek.

Life is great – you only get one chance at it so make the most of it!

4. If you were to have a dinner party with any five guests of your choice, who would they be?

It’s very hard to just name just five but straight out and not in any particular order;

Annie Lennox, David Attenborough, Barrack Obama, Tina Turner and Tom Hanks.

5. Since COVID and lockdown, have you made any changes to your life or daily routine?

CoVid lockdown was a difficult time for many and the recruitment industry was certainly affected.

CoVid allowed me to reassess and prioritise what’s important.  Pre CoVid, I seemed to bite off more than I could chew, not just from a work perspective.

Now I am more disciplined and planned with my time to ensure that I am continuing to strive to achieve a work/life balance.

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Maree Lacy

“It’s all about confidence in taking the next career step.

Maree Lacy helped me build my confidence and was instrumental in securing my new role.  Big thanks!”

– Senior Management Accountant