In the business of recruitment we are often fielding queries from candidates that are looking to move on, to find their next opportunity. But what if you’re on the fence?

It can be hard to know when it’s time to leave. You can doubt yourself or your decision making when it’s referring to such an instrumental aspect of your life.

To answer this question we would ideally like the chance to sit down with you and discuss your options. The circumstances surrounding this consideration will vary from candidate to candidate so we would like to address the ‘you-specific variables’ that apply in order for us to discuss how you make informed decisions about your future.

In our experience, here are five indicators that it’s time to call a trusty recruitment expert.

You feel unchallenged (and are unhappy about it). Some people are quite happy being proficient in their work and are perfectly content where they are. Others will crave new and differing tasks to take charge of. If you’re the latter it can be incredibly frustrating when you perceive barriers to advancement. If you have grown out of your current role, let the relevant superior know how you feel and that you are looking for greater responsibility. If this fails to yield change then you know it’s time to give us a call.

Your role is diminishing or becoming less important. If changes are being made to the structure of your department or one that directly impacts you and your role in a negative way then consider doing something about it. You can’t control the organisational change but you can certainly control your response to it.

You have lost affinity for the company. You are a representative of your company’s attitudes and values. If these no longer align with your own, or if you are facing barriers to progression within, then it is worth considering whether to put your time into somewhere that does.

You’re simply uninterested in what you do. This goes without saying but you’d be surprised at the proportion of the population that would stay in an unfulfilling role long past the use-by date. Yes, the bills need to be paid, and this is an incredible motivator against making change happen, but we can also create a lot of perceived barriers that inhibit ourselves. In these circumstances you really can benefit from a conversation with a recruitment specialist. Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand through this intimidating process.

Your performance used to be good but now it’s dropping. The feedback you used to get was positive but you’ve seen an unexpected drop in results for no apparent reason. Unsurprisingly, this type of a performance drop can usually be linked to a lack of motivation for the work that you do. It’s difficult to exceed in an area that doesn’t interest you or, in this case, one that has lost it’s appeal. Perhaps you see yourself transferring your skills into another team or department, one that you foresee greater enjoyment and fulfilment in.

If this sounds all too familiar we would love to speak with you about how we can help facilitate change.