Maintaining one’s mental health, particularly in the workplace, is an area that we feel passionate about at Accountancy Connect.

In November last year, it was announced that a $2.24 million grant was awarded to Deakin University to operate a program called Supporting Small Business Advisors for Better Mental Health. This will essentially allow up to 5,000 accountants access to mental health training in the light of the demanding and stressful work that was undertaken during the financial struggles facing their SME clients throughout the pandemic.

In light of this amazing initiative we thought it a great opportunity to take a look at mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, the signs to look out for, and tips and tricks that you can use to keep yourself accountable for a happier you.

Move around. This won’t only benefit your mind but your body also. Taking a break to stretch your legs, extend your arms and roll your neck around will help with the stiffness and fatigue that accompanies a day behind a desk. Try to get your steps up, perhaps take the stairs down at the end of the day or walk down the street for your daily coffee.

A little change of scenery. Whenever you can, and we know that some days depending on the amount of work will be harder than others, try to get away from the desk. Utilise the lovely summer we are experiencing to take your lunch outside and feel some fresh air on your face before you return for an afternoon of work.

Talk about your day. Being able to vent about, explain or even celebrate the work you have done for the day will help tremendously in the way you process your feelings. You can do this with a colleague who probably knows best what you’re going through, or a partner that knows you better than most. Perhaps you’d like to call a friend or a family member. If this is not possible or something that makes you uncomfortable to do, there’s always the trusty journal that can be useful, or even a furry friend may lend an ear.

Be realistic with yourself and others. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a to do list that would put a Tolkien novel to shame. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is a sure way to dampen your mood when you inevitably fall short. Communicate with others about your limits if they appear. We won’t usually have the flexibility to turn down a task set to us but we can be honest about our expectations in being able to carry it out.

Find something that brings you joy. Why did you enter this job? Often we can forget what attracted us to the role, the workplace or the industry. Remind yourself of the things that enticed you into the position that you are in now. If you find yourself struggling then perhaps it might be time to consider speaking with us about your future goals and aspirations.

We believe that everybody deserves to feel fulfilment and wellness in the workplace. We see 2021 being a year in which everyone can incorporate more practices of health and wellbeing into their work and home lives in order to recuperate and refocus on the new year ahead of us.